The need of practical skill training for commerce students in India

Working at a consulting firm in the day time and taking lectures in the evening or working in the consulting firm at the consulting firm on weekends whereas, taking lectures on weekend …this has been my simple routine for the past 5 years.

My biggest observation that I have made in these 5 years is that there is a huge gap in what is being taught to the students in the college vis a vis what is needed in the practical world.

In fact, this gap between classroom learning and the need for industry-specific practical training is so real that the student feels frustrated when they join their first job and realize that they do not know the work to be done in that office and the things that have been studying for several past years in colleges is completely outdated.

I would keep my discussion very specific for the commerce students attending degree courses in India. At the college level, students pursue degree courses such as B. Com, BAF, and BMS for graduation. Now, these courses are purely theoretical and have no reference to the work that you would need to do in the practical world.

A commerce student usually get placed in industries like consulting firm, stockbroking firm, banks, insurance companies, marketing companies, HR firms etc. right ?

Don’t you think that each of these industries has its different working culture and you would need to specifically groom yourself with the right skill to be able to find a good job?

Question is, how do you train yourself with such the right skill that can groom yourself for the practical world?

This is exactly the objective with which we have launched our education startup — Jott It.

We are an Ed-tech company that offers academic and practical skill courses for the commerce students. The goal is to bridge the gap between the skills possessed by students at the time of graduating vis a vis the skills expected by the practical world.

To achieve that goal, we offer:

Academic Courses –Academic courses comprising of concise video lectures, study material, and compilation of MCQs which would help you to gain necessary conceptual clarity for the subjects and prepare for the exams very comfortably. The objective is reducing the amount of time, money, and efforts that you need to prepare for the college exams and help you channelize them to groom yourself for the practical world.

Practical Courses — Do you want to work with a top consulting firm? or a stockbroking firm or marketing, HR, or stock-broking firms or a bank or insurance company? But not sure, whether they would hire you? Well, don’t worry! We have these industry-specific practical skill courses that train you for the work to be done in these offices as well as the necessary inter-personal & business writing skills.

You can download the application from Google Playstore as well as Apple Store.

Do let me know what you think we can do better to groom our students and train them for the practical world.

CA, CS, Startup Consultant, Entrepreneur, Trainer